Friday, February 25, 2011

I won a Kids Yoga Mat + DVD!

I won a Kids Yoga Mat + DVD from Yoga by the Dozen on Mom on Dealz.

The DVD is a fun, interactive children's yoga video, designed especially for kids ages 2-6. JoAnna and the 12 friends demonstrate fundamental poses that will introduce your children into the exciting world of Yoga. My daughter loves it and she is even 7 years old ;)
  • Increase Cognitive & Motor skills
  • Confidence, Courage and Self-Esteem
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Memory Retention and Concentration
  • Nurture Creativity and Self Expression
  • Respect for themselve and each other
  • Proven therapy for kids with ADHD and Autism

You can get the Yoga Mat  in blue, purple, green with yellow prints or pink with blue prints. The size is 24"x48"x4mm. It's a high quality closed-cell PVC Vinyl. (100 % latex free). The mat is very soft.

You can purchase the Kids Yoga DVD for $17.99 HERE and the Yoga Mat with Hands and Feet Prints for $24.99 HERE.

Yoga By the Dozen, thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!
Mom on Dealz, thanks for hosting the giveaway!


momondealz said...

Great post! So glad your daughter likes it!

Anja M. said...

Thanks :)