Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I won a Alpine Weight Loss Secrets Book!

I won a Alpine Weight Loss Secrets Book by Stefan Aschan on Couponer101.

I received a wonderful book about the natural way to look and feel 5,10, or even 20 years younger. Stefan Aschan is Europe's Premier Youngevity Coach.

Find out about:
  • 2-day Flat Belly - "Schnell" (fast) Program - The natural approach jump-start and see results within 2 days.
  • The Mountain Program - Burn the highest amount of fat calories overall with minimal effort (and see maximal improvement).
  • Photosynthesis and its trapped light in foods - How it rejuvenates your cells and helps your skin and body to look youthful and trim.
  • Fresh Air Foods - Eat metabolism-boosting foods to speed up your energy production. Learn about enzymes and their effect on your metabolism.
  • Hormonal fatigue - Find out how simple carbs affect your hormones and speed aging (and wrinkle your skin). Discover the easy steps to reverse this process.
  • Instant anti-ager - 3 ways change old posture into a young-looking stance in 10 minutes or less.

Find out more about the book HERE.

You can purchase the book HERE for 14.95$.

Stefan Aschan, thanks for sponsoring this book!
Couponer101, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

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