Monday, January 31, 2011

Myachi Hand Sack - ends 02/02

Couponer 101 is hosting a giveaway for Myachi.

Enter to win a Original Myachi Hand Sack.

Contest ends 02/02.

JELL-O Prize Pack - ends 02/02

Almost Crazy Coupon Lady is hosting a giveaway for JELL-O.

Enter to win a JELL-O Prize Pack. It includes:
  • 2 Football Helmet Jigglers
  • several JELL-O boxes
  • recipes
Contest ends 02/02.

Garmin GPS & Roadside Emergency Kit - ends 02/21

Girl Gone Mom is hosting a giveaway for State Farm Insurance.

Enter to win a amazing prize pack. It includes:
Contest ends 02/21, Midnight EST.

Baby Gizmo Gift Pack - ends 02/06

Rated by Mom is hosting a giveaway for Baby Gizmo.

Enter to win a Baby Gizmo Gift Pack. The Gift Pack includes:

♥ Maclaren Messenger Diaper Bag
Blankclips & Blanket
♥ 2 Pairs of BabyLegs 

Contest ends 02/06, 11:59pm CST. - ends 03/10

Does Mommy Love It? is hosting a giveaway for

Enter to win a bib and a

Contest ends 03/10, Midnight EST.

Night Owl Paper Goods - ends 03/05

Does Mommy Love It? is hosting a giveaway for Night Owl Paper Goods.

Enter to win a product.

Contest ends 03/05, Midnight EST.

Tarpy Mat - ends 02/25

Does Mommy Love It? is hosting a giveaway for Tarpy.

Enter to win a Tarpy Mat.

Contest ends 02/25, Midnight EST.

Thoosa Garment of choice - ends 02/15

Does Mommy Love It? is hosting a giveaway for Thoosa.

Enter to win a garment of your choice.

Contest ends 02/15, Midnight EST.

50$ Gift Certificate for Nature Baby - ends 02/05

Does Mommy Love It? is hosting a giveaway for Nature Baby.

Enter to win a 50$ Gift Certificate.

This Contest ends 02/05, Midnight EST.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Umbrella's Full giveaway - 30 prizes - ends 01/31

From Under My Little Umbrella is hosting a giveaway.

Enter to win one of 30 amazing prizes.

Earrings - ends 01/31

Follow God Every Day is hosting a giveaway for Missy Pumpkin

Enter to win these adorable earrings:

Huge Giveaway 6 prizes - ends 02/10

Forever Faithful is hosting a giveaway.

Enter to win:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I won a 25$ Gift Certificate!

I won a 25$ Gift Certificate for My Baby Clothes Boutique on Handprint and Footprint Art.

I ordered and received the Ballet Tutu Set with Crochet Top and Bow Headband. It is adorable. The Set will be perfect, when I take the pictures of my little Baby niece. (I will post the pictures). The tutu is made of multiple layers and finished off with a satin detail at waisline. It came with a cute crochet top and a large bow headband. The headband is made of the highest quality 1 1/2 inch grosgrain ribbon and is about 5 inches wide, paired with a matching wide stretchy headband.

You can purchase this and more HERE.

My Baby Boutique, thanks for sponsoring this giveaway.
Handprints and Footprints Art, thanks for hosting this giveaway.

I won Little Green Books!

I won Little Green Books on Journey To Green.

I received four books:
  • I Can Save The Earth! (Age 4-6)
  • Don't Throw That Away! (Age 4-6)
  • Easy To Be Green (Age 4-8)
  • Little Monkey (0-3)

The new "green" series will educate children on what they can do to be more eco-friendly. The books are made from recycled materials. The Cloth book (Little Monkey) is made from 50% recycled material. It is also machine-washable.

Visit the website to see the awesome books, games and more. You also can find out, where you can purchase this wonderful books. Click HERE.

Little Green Books, thanks for sponsoring this giveaway.
Journey to Green, thanks for hosting this giveaway.

I won a Ma Mi Skincare Cleanser!

I won a Ma Mi Skincare Cleanser on Stuff Parents Need

I received a Rewaken Cleanser for Dry to Normal skin. It's completely natural, rose hip foamer wil calm, clean, soothe and tone. It is enriched with a combination of rose hip seed, seaweed and essential oils to provide a complete spectrum of skin nourishment and protection every time you clean. Seaweed conditions and hydrates the skin with vital nutrients and vitamins while the Rose Hip treats overexposure to the sun and pigment spots. Lastly, the essential oils revitalize and renew Mom’s skin back to its natural state and prepares it for exfoliation and moisturizing.  Specially formulated for normal to dry skin. 4.0 oz..

You can purchase Ma Mi Skincare products HERE.
Ma Mi Skincare, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.
Stuff Parents Need, thank you for hosting this giveaway.

I won Bugga Bugs Pattern!

I won Bugga Bugs Pattern on Life With The Lebedas.

I received the Home Sweet Home - PDF Doll Pattern.

This pattern includes:

Dollhouse (Really opens to reveal dollhouse interior!)
Dollhouse Interior

Pattern comes with Cover Page, Sewing Tips and Tricks, Supply List, Pattern Instructions and Full Scale Pattern Pieces.

You can purchase the patterns HERE.

Bugga Bugs, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.
Life With The Lebedas, thank you for hosting this giveaway.

Free Redbox Rental Codes

Here are some FREE Redbox rental codes.

MOVIENIGHT (Good for 01-27-2011 only)

DVDKROG (Good at Kroger and Kroger affiliated store kiosks)


DVDATWAG (Good for Walgreen's Redbox kiosks)


I can't guarantee, if they work. It's worth a try.

Thanks, Savvy Sister Shops!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

100$ Ticketmaster giveaway

Wind Mobile announced, that they are later giving away a 100$ Ticketmaster Gift Card on Facebook.

Click HERE and stay tuned.

Thirty-One Gifts Small Thermal Lunch Tote - ends 01/28

Frugal Family Fun is hosting a giveaway for Thirty-One Gifts.

Enter to win a Small Thermal Lunch Tote.

Easy Stroll - ends 01/27

Frugal Family Fun is hosting a giveaway for Easy Stroll.

Enter to win a Easy Stroll Handle for your stroller.

5-pack Softlips - ends 01/26

Frugal Family Fun is hosting a giveaway for Softlips.

Enter to win a 5-pack includes: mint with a hint of vanilla, sugar & spice, sugar plum berry, sugar cookie & winter mint.

Glow Baby 25$ GC - ends 02/01

Adventures in Abbyland is hosting a giveaway for Glow Baby.

Enter to win a 25$ Gift Certificate.

Hide A Heart - ends 01/26

Adventures in Abbyland is hosting a giveaway for Hide A Heart.

Enter to win a "Love You Heart" or a "XOXO Heart". It's the winners choice.

Free Downy T-Shirts and Sheets!

"Mike in the Window" giveaway. Downy will be giving away daily freebies for 10 days (Jan 23 - Feb 1).

700 "I Slept With Downy" t-shirts and 10 "Clean Sheet Week" packages per day.

Click HERE at 4pm EST for the t-shirts or at 7pm EST for the sheets. Be fast!!! Yesterday they didn't announce the time before for the sheets. So stay tuned.

Update: Luck here too.... Got one yesterday :)

Update: Tomorrow, Jan 27th the T-shirt giveaway will be at 2pm EST.

Free Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam

Clairol is giving away a coupon for a free box of NEW Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam on Jan. 26th and 27th at noon EST. Be one of the first 25,000.

Click HERE.

Update: I had luck! I got one :)

Free Tide Washing Machine Cleaner

Tide is giving away 5000 packets of Tide Washing Machine Cleaner at 2pm EST today. Be one of the first 5000 fans who register.

Click HERE.

Update: I am very lucky today. I got mine :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I won Clothes from Positively Organics.

I won baby clothes from Positively Organics on Journey to Green.

I received very cute, organics clothes (75$ value). You can see and feel the good quality.

The delightful baby & toddler clothes are made from ultra-soft organic cotton and low impact chemical dyes - so they're not just fun to wear, they're gentler to tender skin and to the planet. Plus, they're made by socially responsible "fair trade" manufacturers so they're also kinder to the people who make them.

Positively Organic, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway!
Journey to Green, thank you for hosting this giveaway!

I won a StaphAseptic Bactericide Gel!

I won a StaphAseptic Bactericide Gel on Because Cheaper is Better

I received the StaphAseptic Bactericide Gel and also two Coupons 1.00$ and 2.00$ OFF.
  • You can apply it to help protect against skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
  • It also relieves pain and itching associated with minor burns, cuts, scrapes insect bites and skin irritations.
  • Helps prevent skin infections from bacteria such as MRSA, staph, strep & other germs.
  • For Adults and children 2 years of age and older

    Some facts to help protect yourself from Methicillin Resistant Stap (MRSA):
    • Treat & cover wounds
    • Don't share personal items (like towels or razors)
    • Shower after physical activity
    • Properly clean gear & Equipment
    • Keep hands clean
    • Consult your physician for all active wounds
    • Avoid contact with other people's wounds or bandages
    • Treat cuts and scrapes with StaphAseptic First Aid Antiseptic/Pain Relieving Gel

    You can purchase it HERE for 14.99$ and also print a 1.00$ Off Coupon.

    Tec Labs, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.
    Because Cheaper is Better, thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    I won Ocean Products!

    I won Ocean Saline Nasal Care Products on Closet Of Free Samples.

    About the products I received:

    Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation
    • Consistent flow of saline for effective sinus rinse
    • No mixing or clean up required
    • Added moisturizer
    • Unique saline blend formula
    • Contains 2 Interchangeable Actuator Tips. White for spray moisturizing, orange for stream irrigation. 1 Optional Wide Adapter for nasal irrigation.
    • 6 Fl. Oz. (177 mL)

    Ocean Premium Saline Nasal Spray
    •  Instantly soothes dry nasal passages
    • Safe for frequent daily use
    • Gentle enough for children and infants
    • Non-medicated relief for stuffy noses
    • Relieves dryness from allergy, sinus, and cold medications
    • Pharmaceutical grade quality
    • Provides instant, soothing relief to irritated nasal passages due to colds, allergies, dry air, pollution, smoke, air travel, and use of decongestants/steroidal sprays.
    • 45cc bottle (1.5 Fl. Oz.)

    Ocean for Kids
    • Gentle enough for infants (for infants - 12 years)
    • Drug free
    • Extra moisturizer
    • Child-size nasal applicator
    • Provides infants and children natural, non-medicated relief from sinus and nasal discomfort due to sinus drainage, nasal congestion, or dry, irritated nasal passages associated with colds, flu, allergies, and dry, polluted air.
    • 1.25 Oz.

    Ocean Saline Nasal Care, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.
    Closet of Free Samples, thank you for hosting this giveaway.

      Thursday, January 20, 2011

      Better For You Breakfast Prize Pack - ends 01/25

      One Fit Foodie is hosting a giveaway for a Better For You Breakfast Prize Pack.
      Enter to win a Better For You Breakfast Prize Pack:

      • Yoga Mat with carrying bag
      • $15 iTunes Gift Card for putting together an energizing morning playlist
      • Exo coffee cup
      • Instant coffee packets for on the go mornings
      • New-yet to be release Weight Watchers Coffee Cakes (3 pts. each)